Agents & Dealers

We have a number of agents and dealers around the world that carry a range of our products. Give one a call that is closest to you.


New Zealand

Amuri Motorcycles
2C Birmingham Drive
Christchurch  8024
Ph 0273116563 or (03)3158667
Bulbs only for Classic & Vintage cars

USA and Canada

If you are looking for a hard to get part or service click the above to go to a business that may be able to help.

United Kingdom and Europe

Disclaimer Classic and Vintage bulbs takes all care in the sourcing and manufacture of its product. It does however, bare no responsibility for damage caused due to the wrongful fit, miss handling or accidental failure of its bulbs.
All of our bulbs are designed to work within the parameters of the vehicles manufacturers electrical specifications.
Our 6v bulbs are not recommended to be run on 8 volt electrical systems.

Halogen bulbs are a hard glass envelope that contain a gas under pressure and may shatter if scratched, dropped or exposed to liquids when lighted. Turn on bulb only when in the lamp assembly. Keep out of reach of children.