About Classic & Vintage Bulbs

A brief overview of Classic and Vintage Bulbs

Classic and Vintage Bulbs was started in 1993 due to our passion for classic cars but especially MG's.

The idea of fitting a halogen bulb in an older type headlight is nothing new. Messer's Lucas developed a Q.I. Halogen for their popular light units 
in the early 60's.

A great idea at the time, but as technology moved on, lamps were changed and these bulbs were discontinued.
It was back In the early 90's that we tried to purchase some of these old Lucas bulbs to  improve the lighting on my wife's original 50's MG.

Anthony Pearson and his 1949 MGTC

To our dismay we found that they were unavailable.

Not wanting to modify the car to take the latest lamp units, we set about and made our own versions by grafting various old bulb parts and a modern Halogen envelope.

After  countless prototypes we finally came up with a bulb that did the trick.

The results were most impressive. Soon all our classic car friends were asking "can you do a pair for me?"

Through further development in conjunction with LED and halogen lighting manufacturers, we have developed a comprehensive range of bulbs that are suited to many of the most popular classic and vintage vehicles.

We are pleased to be able to offer fellow classic vehicle owners a range of products that we know will enhance their enjoyment of classic motoring.